NHL Week 1 Recap: Draisatl vs Matthews Fenwick.

With the Fenwick crash course laying out the foundation of how useful this statistic is, we can make predictions and further analyze a player’s first 2 contests. The start of the NHL season now underway we are in for an exciting ride, with games scheduled for 116 consecutive nights! There have already been enthralling matchups, highlight-reel goals, and some very notable performances. Connor McDavid certainly did not waste any time racking up tallies for points, recording a hat trick and assist against the Canucks last night. McDavid has certainly hit the ground in full sprint, he’s come in looking faster and sharper than ever before which is a scary thought for other teams. Right next to him, setting up plays and supporting McDavid, is Drasiaitl with a whopping 5 assists. Draisaitl and Mcdavid are combined for 9 points in the last 2 games, which poses a massive scoring threat for opposing teams. The Oilers are at an advantage in their division as they only play the Canadian teams, who will have trouble containing these dominant players.

Other notable performances come from Minnesota’s rookie Kirill Kaprizov who scored the OT game-winner against the Kings, making it his first NHL goal and setting the bar for his performance this season. Islander’s Matt Barzal has outplayed his opponents in every way; dancing through defenders, rifling passes, and lasering shots past the goaltenders. He turned heads in his fantastic play against the Rangers, as he skated through 3 defenders and unleashed his powerful shot past Shestyorkin. One last highlight to point out, In the closely contested Capitals vs. Blues game, Jakob Vrana wasted no time scoring in the first 50 seconds of the 3rd period. After intercepting Staal’s blind pass, Vrana went in 1v1 against Binngton and ripped a beautiful bar down shot to go up 5-3 against the Blues. Let’s Talk About Fenwick With the Fenwick crash course laying out the foundation of how useful this statistic is, we can make predictions and further analyze a player’s first 2 contests. The two players we will be comparing Leon Draisaitl and Auston Matthews. The Maple Leafs faced off against the Canadiens and prevailed in overtime to win 5-4, with Nylander tallying 3 points and Mathews 1 assist. However, after taking a closer look into Matthews’ fenwick statistic we can come to the conclusion that he still posed an enormous threat to the Canadien’s defense. Mathews came out with a 62% fenwick, which is exceptionally high. If you remember correctly, the elite players are considered to hang around the 40-50% range. This is recognized from his 7 shots on goal, and strong defensive efforts keeping shots against when he’s on the ice relatively low. It was, unfortunately, one of those nights for Matthews as he struggled to find the back of the net among those 7 shots.

Edmonton Oiler’s Leon Draisaitl still had an elite level fenwick statistic coming in at 46% after 2 games. Draisaitl has racked up 5 assists in these 2 games, showing he has exceptional playmaking ability. What does this mean as far as fenwick goes? Well, considering he has a +/- rating of +4 and is averaging 2.5 ppg, it is safe to say that he is still an offensive weapon. His fenwick stat most likely took a hit when he was on the ice for a goal against, however, this statistic will continue to skyrocket at the rate he and McDavid are performing at. With it still being early in the season, fenwick can still change very drastically. Taking the current fenwick score of 62% into account, we can make the prediction that once Matthews gets into his scoring groove he will be deadly offensively. Leon Draisaitl: GP - 2 | G - 0 | A - 5 | P - 5 Auston Matthews: GP - 1 | G - 0 | A - 1 | P - 1

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