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Has the addition of Alphari improved Team Liquid's performance?

  • Alphari joined Team Liquid as their top lane in League of Legends.

  • TL recently won LCS Lock-In 2021.

  • LCS 2021 Lock-In is a kick-off tournament in North America's professional League of Legends league.

Previously he was with Astralis for 2 months and before that Origen for close to 2 years. He chose to leave both teams because he wasn't happy with his team’s performance. For the past three years, he hasn't been able to play internationally. But now after his switch to the NA side (North American), he will be able to play with Korean and Chinese players. Alphari said ”That’s all I want—to compete internationally again,”, “Winning a domestic title is huge, as well, but it would have to be secondary.” Winning a world championship is what every pro player looks forward to. Ever since he switched 3 years ago he hasn't been able to play in a world championship. If you look down below you will see that team liquid hasn't won a world championship yet either. For the past 3 years Team liquid placed 9-12th place in each world championship. However, they did come first place in, Riot NA LCS 2018 Spring, Riot NA LCS 2018 Summer, LCS 2019 Spring, and CS 2019 Summer. So it seems like the perfect fit for a player determined to win the world championship and a team determined to enter the finals during the world championship.

Past tournaments including lost world championships

So it’s been 2 months since Alphari joined TL, what has he done so far? TL recently won LCS Lock-In 2021. LCS 2021 Lock-In is a kick-off tournament for the ninth year of North America's professional League of Legends league. LCS Lock-In 2021 concluded with Team liquid besting Cloud 9 (another NA team) 3-2 and taking home $150,000. This is after winning against FlyQuest and Evil Genius. TL smashed both the quarter-finals and the semi-finals, not allowing either opposing team to score even once. Needless to say, Alphari‘s participation is helping TL join the top dawgs. This is a great first start to Team Liquid’s 2021 year. If Alphari is capable of working with his teammates as he did during the LCS 2021 Lock-In team liquid will be on the way to the 2022 world championship.

Let's take a look at his past performance and see how it performs compared to 2021 Alphari. In the past 3 years, Alphari seems to have a relatively good performance but hasn't made it to the world championship. In his past, he has had 10 wins with Origen and 5 with misfits. He has also lost 5 championships with misfits and 3 with Origen. His performance has gone up and so has his team's scores. If his growth continues with team liquid he is a possible threat to the top teams in the world.

Shows wins/KD on 3 different teams.

When you combine a determined player and a determined team you get greatness and that is a little bit of what we saw during the LCS 2021 Lock-In. Obviously, we don't know what the future holds but Team Liquid looks like they are gonna have a great 2021 season if they continue to utilize players like Alphari. Even though Team Liquid may be considered the underdog, they do pose a threat to the past winners, such as 2019 winner FunPlus Phoenix, and 2020 winner DAMWON.

2022 world championship...Here we come!







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